New group to help Yorkshire’s economy grow

A NEW group has been launched which aims to provide a long term economic boost for Yorkshire by encouraging professional and business organisations to work together.

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On the 23rd November, representing Hudson James Human Capital Group our Group Managing Director Kenton Robbins attended the inaugural event of the Collaborative Leeds Professionals as a panel member. A group of world class professionals who have come together in order to boost the economic climate of Yorkshire. The aim is to create discussion to further promote professional services in Leeds and the surrounding area. Our belief being that the unity and collaboration of similarly minded business professionals is the best way to get Yorkshire’s voice heard.

The organisation’s first event, which was held at the offices of law firm Ward Hadaway in Leeds, highlighted the ways companies across a range of sectors can continue to prosper, at a time when more services and processes are becoming automated.

The new group was formed as a result of a partnership between The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, Leeds Law Society, The Institute of Directors, the Chartered Institute of Taxation and Association of Taxation Technicians, the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners and West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce.

The debate was chaired by Greg Wright, The Yorkshire Post’s deputy business editor and also featured Mark Burns, a partner at the law firm Gunnercooke LLP, Alistair Callander, the chief executive of chartered financial planners The Private Office, myself Kenton Robbins, managing director of Hudson James Capital group and Victoria Tomlinson, the chief executive of Northern Lights, the public relations and communications company.

We discussed how automation is transforming the world of professional services, and the changes firms must make in order to prosper, focusing particularly on how companies must continue to show they can add value during a time of radical change.

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Kenton Robbins and Victoria Tomlinson speaking at Ward Hadaway who hosted the inaugural event of the Collaborative Leeds Professionals, a group which will act together to promote professional services in Leeds. Picture Tony Johnson

Karen Eckstein, the former chairman of the Leeds branch of the Chartered Institute of Taxation and Association of Taxation Technicians, confirmed our aim to hold networking events for “the greater good” of all professionals. Ms Eckstein is particularly keen to encourage younger professionals to attend business events and seminars and said many of the younger members of professional groups wanted to develop their “soft skills”. They are also looking for more networking opportunities. She said the group’s mission was to encourage Yorkshire people to use local firms for their professional services.

Ms Eckstein stated: “Business and commercial people can work together, so that we create a closer business and professional network in Yorkshire. Ms Eckstein, who is a legal director at law firm Bond Dickinson in Leeds, said the debate had highlighted the fact that there was a need for “more junior employees to learn at the seat of the senior people”.

Our debate also highlighted the need to work flexibly and remotely. She added: “We saw it (automation) as a threat, and an opportunity, and there were some very interesting ideas that came out from the various speakers.” She said sectors such as financial services had gone through a sea change in recent years.

Ms Eckstein said: “It’s about nurturing talent, and we’re trying to bring people together. We want to bring the business and commercial and professional networks together, and build a community in Yorkshire. We can identify opportunities to make people understand how we can work together, and add value together.”

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