The road to nowhere!

A client has recently asked us to advise and consult with them on a project to help them define their future talent strategy, in short they’re looking to make a significant change in the leadership function of the business but harbour fears and reservations about making the necessary changes due to the downside and impact on the business it could have if they get it wrong! They know that the future of the business is counting on them changing and adapting to make sure that they leverage the significant opportunities to grow ahead of them but still they worry about the changes being the road to nowhere!

It’s a scenario that I’ve seen all too often and one that’s always difficult to navigate, especially as the caution that the company has shown for many years is often the reasons they have weathered the recession, market pressures and trading challenges and any number of issues that will have been thrown at them over the years!

So when is it appropriate to “throw caution to the wind” and not relying on your instincts!

The answer is in the instinct’s themselves, often those instincts for caution and lack of change are what’s causing the real conflict in the decision making process, after all its instinct that’s driving the feelings for change and learning to adapt in just the same way as they are for stability in the past.

So this leads us to the real question, “how do you change with confidence, when change its self is a new strategy?”

As sure as night follows day, change will follow stability and learning to manage and plan for change are always the hardest but often the most fulfilling strategies to deploy.

By looking in detail at the “critical success factors” for defining success of the change strategy and building plans and using your advisors to support a change programme, the change can be delivered with the least amount of risk and most amount of success.

Never rush down the road to nowhere! Plan for the journey and the likelihood of success is virtually guaranteed.

If you’re facing significant organisational change and worry about the cost of failure, Hudson James Human Capital Group can help you navigate the challenge and build a strategy together that delivers your Critical Success Factors!