Invest in employer branding!

“Building a compelling employer brand is fast becoming a fundamental of good business practice and those in the know are investing heavily to ensure that not having an Employer Brand isn’t a barrier to on boarding the very best talent”

The ability to attract and retain the very best talent is key for any business and never more so than in high growth sectors or markets that have very specific skills sets. The employer branding area is often overlooked by even the most successful of organisations and they rarely look to embed the practice in the recruitment process.

We guide and encourage our clients to think about the effects on the business that good EB would have and use the recruitment process as the vehicle to drive and communicate this change, it can help strengthen their relationship with existing and potential employees, and external stakeholders through effective communication of the brand’s values, personality and culture and creating that strong employer brand.

What is EB?

An employer brand refers to the internal and external perceptions key stakeholders, and more specifically current and potential employees, have of your business. How they view the company and how you conduct yourselves in business generally are all external clues as to what it might be like to work for you. An effective employer brand will presents your business as an obvious choice and a valued place to work and develop a career more importantly, the result will help drive recruitment, support retention and elevate your position in your market place.

The keys to delivering that strong employer branding is all in the communication of your company values, the business culture and how you want the world to view your brand. When done correctly it should reach into every corner of your business so the values are communicated in the interactions with every department, HR, Training the administration of the business, the external press releases should all be constantly aligned with the brand and employer branding values to encourage trust in your business.

What’s in it for us?

A clearly defined employer brand can offer significant benefits to your business. It will improve external interest in your business and drive direct application rates not only saving you money but giving you a wider pool of talent to choose from when recruiting, by placing your business “front of mind” and ensuring it stands out will all help to drive word of mouth and make brining the most desirable candidates on-board easier.

Greater levels of employee engagement and motivation has been proven in numerous studies to result in greater levels of productivity and higher staff retention rates – all of these contribute to retaining the right competencies and knowledge in the business and avoiding the brain drain, the devastating affect that the loss of key personal can have on a business is also widely documented and will ultimately impact your profitability. With significant benefits all associated with creating a strong employer brand it’s no surprise that many organisations are working on defining or developing their employer brand.

Stepping up a gear?

When establishing or improving your employer brand you need to consider a number of questions before to embark on creating perfection, what is it about your business that the current staff really value, what’s the current perception in the market place as an employer, do you cultivate a different brand to attract staff than you would to attract clients, where do you want the business to be in five years, what are the key roles that need focus or are hard to recruit, who hard is to recruit and what do people say when the leave are all clues to build a better brand.

Normally the ownership of employer branding is the remit of the HR department and although this can be successful if you have the luxury of progressive and well-resourced HR department, it needs to be a business wide approach with all elements of the organisation understanding and communicating the benefits of a well aligned employer branding internally and externally. The largest role to play in the success of any improvement program of the employer branding is the senior managers and leadership team, it needs embedding in the culture of the organisation, it’s lived and breathed by the entire business and underpinned by the personal actions and branding of the senior executive.

A compelling employer brand will help drive your business and improve your employees performance while delivering greater levels of profitability, exactly what most business leaders want.